Governance Data Exchange Development Network
Why data exchange standard for governance and civil society?
Be it a fair elections project in Morocco, a change of the health system in Ukraine or a water supply organization in Africa, a lot depends upon cooperation and people's ability to see the issues, develop solutions, design strategies and act jointly to make sure their rights are protected, voices matter and services provided.

More and more websites embed structured data describing for instance products, people, organizations, places, events, and procedures into their HTML pages using markup formats such as RDFa, Microdata and Microformats. As of November 2015 about 30% of HTML pages are using structured data formats such as RDFa, Microdata, Embedded JSON-LD and Microformat. This is 541 million HTML pages out of the 1.77 billion pages contained in the crawl done by WebDataCommons project.

Although initially used to improve searchability of web-pages, murkup standards can also allow easy and reliable data integration solutions, which will increase transparency of governance at the local and national levels and availability of user-oriented services. Development of the existing data description standards will also help efficient reuse of the governance-related data.

We are partnering in the CivicOS – a non-governmental and non-for-profit effort to develop the missing parts of the open interoperable data description schema for governance transparency and accountability.
The pace the internet is developing is amazing, which can make us feel that almost everything is already done here. However, if you look a bit deeply you will find out the internet can help people a lot more. For civil society the internet is not just promising - we are at the very beginning of a long and nice trip.
Dmytro Potekhin
CivicOS Founder
We love our partners. They make our effort possible.
There are many other great initiatives on all shores of the pond. Here are just some of them. Please let us know if something important is missing here. We would love to have more great resources among our partners.
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